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RefugeePro is the latest innovation from AdvocacyPro.  We have been building web based case management systems for a variety of social services niches for 10 years.  Smaller agencies have typically been faced with two challenges.  Most software of this type is used by large government agencies and has at least 5 to 6 zeros in the price tag.  Our original system was designed to support the needs of a regional network of service agencies.  Scaling this for the small independent agency with under 5 staff has presented cost challenges, as well as administrative challenges in server management.   Additionally, small agencies have often wanted to customize systems like they were a large state agency.  This often prices systems beyond their ability to pay for it.

RefugeePro is a hosted web based case management solution specifically for Refugee services organization.  Each organization's data is individually secured.  Since it is a centrally managed system, customization is limited, but as a subscription you will get enhancements without having to pay for them individually.  For larger Refugee organizations, the RefugeePro system can be installed on your server as well.  This allows more customization, and you can still get enhancements through your subscription.

We are currently beta testing the hosted version of the application.  If you would like to participate send an email to